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The Cheesemaker

Adrian Buff

Grison Dairy & Creamery's cheesemaker is Adrian Buff, who grew up on the farm. After completing high school, he went back to Switzerland to do a 3 year apprenticeship program as an European Dairy Technologist. While attending cheesemaking school for one day a week; he also worked for Napf Chäsi in central Switzerland on the other days. Napf Chäsi was very well known in the area for producing many specialty products including cheese, yogurt, butter, bottled cream and milk. Adrian enjoyed making the cheese the most. Producing many different cheeses including Quark, Brie, semi hard washed rind cheeses, Emmentaler, hard washed rind cheese and an extra hard cheese. At the end of the 3 years Adrian was tested in making the Brie and Emmentaler for his final practical exam.

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